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Dr. Adrianne Cook

I have been practicing integrative naturopathic family medicine for over fifteen years in the greater Seattle area. I am a 2007 graduate from Bastyr University. I earned my bachelor's degree in 1997 in Nutritional Sciences from the University of New Hampshire minoring in Women's Studies and Environmental Sciences. I moved to Seattle to attend Bastyr University, but took a hiatus from education where I worked at Amazon in customer service and as an operations analyst for their global platform. I believe this experience furthered my analytical skills, and now aids in my thorough analysis of each and every individual I work with as well as understanding the rigor of the tech industry.


I have lived in Seattle, Washington since 1998 and understand the stress of the growing city, the appreciation of our natural environment, what it takes to manage a career and family in this day and age, and understand that none of it is easy. I live with my husband, two children, and dog and strive to find the delicate balance between it all.

My Why

During my first week of high school I was in a very tragic accident, that could have been fatal. I was struck by a car riding my bicycle to crew practice. I had several fractures, cuts, and bruises. Although I spent a week in the hospital at the time, there was no indication for surgery, casts or even a brace. After stitches and  learning how to operate a wheel chair and get around on crutches, I was sent home with no further follow up instructions. After several months of recovering at home, I searched for further support and began physical therapy. From that time on, I spent the last thirty years managing chronic pain from these old injuries. From an early introduction to the health care system at a young age, I learned that prevention and self care was not part of it. It was during this time that I learned of Bastyr University and Naturopathic Medicine and there was a career path to guide others in optimizing health in the current health care model. 

My health has continued to be a work in progress, not only with managing chronic pain from the accident, but also with diagnosis of autoimmune thyroiditis, iron deficiency anemia in addition to a folate and B12 deficiency that added to a state of chronic fatigue. It is from this personal experience that I specialize in nutrition, chronic fatigue, thyroid conditions and hormones.

My mission is to help others identify underlying causes of illness and dig deep into ways to optimize their health and teach them how to be able to take charge of their own wellness.

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